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I am super happy to have you here and see that you are ready to take part in one of my programs. All my programs  are much more than just a workout plan. I value education and mindset a lot and therefore educational guides + content is covered in all my programs. I truly want to help you grow your knowledge around training and nutrition, but also about yourself and mindset. Please take your time to read through the programs below to find one that would work best for you – the programs are going to be life changing for you and your fitness journey <3

12 Week Beginners Program -

The perfect plan for you who are new to the gym, want to start your fitness journey and are looking to get confident in the gym as well as educated along the journey. This is the plan for you who wants MORE than just a workout plan, this plan is going to give you the perfect start at the gym taking you from a beginner to a lifting pro.
Little to no gym experience needed.

€69 for all 12 weeks

8 Week Workout And Health Plan -

The perfect plan for you who are looking for a program that is going to make you stronger from the inside and out. This plan is going to make you stronger in the gym while also helping you work on the relationship you have with yourself. If you are looking for a program that is going to cover all aspects of health and further help you get more educated about strength and mindset, this is the plan for you.
Little experience needed.

€49 for all 8 weeks

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